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“One thing I will tell you: I never go back on my word.”— Aradheldor



Aradheldor has piercing ruby red eyes and is known to be extremely beautiful, completely flawless, naturally fair, nearly white skin and facially androgynous, (This lead him to be narcissistic) and his jet black hair is five feet and six inches long.

The symbolic colors of Lilebeth is black and red, so he wears a Black Royal Elven trousers and shirt, and a long Ethereal black coat that reached his ankles. Red outlines go along the edges of the coat’s collar and cuffs. He also wears Ethereal black leather boots and gloves.

He has a black band around his upper arm under his clothes with coral gems on it. The coral gives him more Energy to use more of his Aerokinesis.


“He loved the satisfaction of killing, and for his enemies, death was inevitable.”—Narrator

Prior to his marriage, as shown in Origins of Chronicles, Aradheldor maintains an outwardly cunning and manipulative demeanor during his time at Lor’dencia. His cold exterior and condescending attitude usually turn people away.

Aradheldor is intelligent and respects those he deems worthy—he considers Gabriel and Michael great swordsmen, but scorns his mother, Victoria. soft and well-spoken and graceful, Aradheldor is usually calm, collected, and in control. Sometimes, he can be annoyed and caught off-guard. As one of the strongest Ethereal alive, Aradheldor is confident to the point of arrogance, yet has no interest in personal glory.

Because of him being neglected as a child by his mother, and having no friends, he prefers to work alone, even becoming a sadist, psychopath, and a misogynist; after he left Lor’dencia, he brought with him a feeling on contempt for the Dorians, leaving him to enjoy mentally, emotionally, and psychologically torturing Taendir Dorian.

Yet, despite his sadism, psychopathy, and vanity he is genuinely kind and passionate, mostly to his people of Lilebeth and even Lor’dencia, and especially to his consort, Duvaingwen.

After the enslavement of Middle-Earth, Aradheldor‘s arrogant and cold demeanour diminished while working as a team with Taendir and several others, including his mother. After that, he began to respect more people and dealt with his mommy issues; he and his mother made up with each other, forming alliances with her (And Lelendorei as well).

When he’s around Duvaingwen, he proceeds to sometimes act frivolous and flirty, and a little lewd around Dagnes Taendiriel to mock her.

He can also get passive-aggressive at times.



He can create, shape and manipulate air, the common name given to the layer of atmospheric gases and various compounds (mostly oxygen and nitrogen) surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by Earth's gravity, and wind, movement of air relative to the surface of the planet. It is an important factor in determining and controlling climate and weather, and the generating force of most ocean and freshwater waves. Wind occurs because of horizontal and vertical differences in atmospheric pressure, and include breezes, squalls, gusts, whirlwinds, zephyrs, gales, tempests, and hurricanes.

Since air cannot be seen by conventional methods, neither can the attacks and derivatives formed by/from it, making it an invisible and versatile weapon that is very difficult to block and dodge.

He mostly uses this to asphyxiate people and levitate objects and/or people.

Aerokinesis also provides regenerative healing factors.

Blood Consumption Empowerment

“Both of Aradheldor’s swords were layered with blood; he licked them and became empowered and stronger; all of his senses were enhanced.”


He becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. whenever he consumes others’ blood, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing his existing powers.


He can use spells which can grant protection of various kinds, healing, force armor, purification and force fields, using glyphs.

Mental Breakdown

This allows him to cause psychological breakdowns and mental collapse by causing mental pain, make victims relive old traumas, causing them to descend into madness or rendering them completely catatonic via a complete mental collapse.

Psychic Immunity

This allows him to be completely immune to any/all psychic phenomena regardless of its nature and origin (natural, supernatural, magical, technological, etc.). His mind cannot be controlled, damaged, read, influenced, emulated, altered, or detected.

Psychic Torture

This allows him to torture target mentally, spiritually and psychologically.

Information Transferal

This allows him to transfer information into another person's mind. This is particularly useful in reconnaissance missions or tests, since the he can send information regarding miscellaneous data, they can transfer even images and symbols to the person. He can help others with answering questions and even in undercover operations, possessing knowledge of certain people. He can help their allies navigate where to go by transferring "maps" into their heads. The data that the he can transfer also includes the knowledge of certain superpowers and secrets to techniques.

Elemental Combat

Users who possess Elemental Manipulation or its sub-powers have learned to infuse their preexisting combat styles with the elements they control.

Supernatural Body

His physical abilities are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally physically superior over other Ethereals in the Astralverse because his capabilities are far beyond natural levels, making him immensely stronger, faster, and more durable than regular Ethereals, and can achieve seemingly any method of training.

Supernatural Body Traits


He is an extraordinary fighter in any category of combat; he trained through most of his life during his time at Lor’dencia. He was trained to be immune to distractions to any sexualized combat any female has to offer.

He also regularly changes his fighting style, even in mid-battle so anyone with Combat Perception would have a very difficult time predicting his next moves.


He is a fully trained warrior and can resist large amounts of pain and he is extremely durable. He was able to survive several stabs in the abdomen, and was still able to use his right arm after a sword was twisted through his shoulder. He also able to survive being the middle of an explosion from a planet, entering the atmosphere of another planet, and the sudden impact of hitting the ground after entering the atmosphere.

He is vulnerable to the Dark side of Elements within the same magic origin of the Astralverse.

One notable weakness is drowning while unconscious, as he can’t use his Aerokinesis to save himself and his Energy won’t be able to draw the water out of his lungs.

You may also gain the upperhand if you manage to remove his Coral Armband and also manage to drain his Energy.

He is also susceptible to physical attacks, if you’re fast and agile enough, as in Pressure Point Combat, etc.

Alternate Timeline

  • In the Alternate Timeline, Timeline-69 (Shut up), somewhere in the future in Astralverse, the Black Phoenix [destory the universe and stuff. Details cannot be revealed]. Aradheldor warped through space time, while unwillingly escaping, and entered into the current reality. [TBA]


Taendir Dorian

There was no doubt that their relationship was one of contempt. Aradheldor, being a sadist, enjoyed psychologically torturing Taendir, and Taendir more or less feared and hated him for that.

Over the years, after the War of the Gods, Taendir’s fear in him dissipated, and he began to be more assertive with him.

Duvaingwen Taendiriel

Victoria Sardothien





When he was five years old, his father died in a battle, leaving only his mother, Victoria, to take care of him. But Victoria was overcome with grief and she emotionally and physically neglected Aradheldor as he grew a bit older. Later, his cousin, Phillip Dorian was born and he became everyone’s favorite, including Victoria’s; this made Aradheldor begin to hate him.

His mentors were the only ones that gave attention to him and practically raised him, but he wanted attention from his mother. He then killed two of Phillip’s personal servants to bring some sort of attention to him, he really didn’t care what.

Aradheldor was then filled with more and more hate for his cousin when he found out that he himself was abdicated and his cousin was next in line for the throne. He soon swore to kill anyone who would ever be in line before himself; he wanted to be king, there was a lot of things Queen Victoria ignored that needed to be fixed. He didn’t want the throne mainly for personal glory, he wanted it because he felt like he could help Lor’dencia in it’s peoples poverty.

Aradheldor soon murdered Phillip while they were alone in a wheat field after their battle with Lilebeth. He, of course, lied about who killed him, but after they found out the truth, he fled to Lilebeth and soon became king there, as the previous king had no heirs.

Later in years, Victoria began forming relationships with other suitable men, but were killed off by Aradheldor to make sure she doesn’t get any heirs, and to make her miserable. He wanted to kill anyone that would possibly be in the line of the throne, even if they were adopted; he didn’t care. (That’s one of the reason he enjoyed torturing Taendir, but also mostly because he hated the Dorians). But he didn’t find out about the secret affair Victoria was having with a Xylnar Elf after she bore another child. His attempt to kill his half-brother failed but was thankful when he traveled all the way west in Middle Earth and everyone forgot about him. But there was one problem: Taendir had a child with a commoner. Aradheldor couldn’t risk having the child being remembered as the daughter of the prince. He had to kill her too. This plan also failed because when she grew up, she moved to Lilebeth and he fell in love with her.

Aradheldor, for once, took a break from killing heirs, until Vaxar came to him. He was asked to kill very specific people whenever he had the opportunity. Those specific people would most probably ’get in the way of his plan’ in the future, and they needed to be taken care of. A couple of those people were: Taendir, Morfindes, Loki, Thranduil, and several others that I dare not mention here. Aradheldor later soon had the opportunity to do as he was asked, after he kidnapped his recent two year old half-brother. But his first half-brother, Faerthurin, got in the way of everything. But, thankfully (unfortunately for them) a couple of them died later. But, unfortunately for himself, he got captured by Lor’dencia and was sentence for a lifetime in prison for his present and past actions. After ten years, Duvaingwen, his consort, broke him out of prison and they both went back to Lilebeth together.

Several things happened in Middle-Earth that he tried to not get involved with, but it was inevitable. More than half of Middle-Earth (starting from the East) became enslaved by a Minish named Vaati, who was bribed into doing so by Vaxar for the same reason he asked Aradheldor to kill the ‘specific people’. Unfortunately, Duvaingwen died in this process, and Aradheldor threaten to kill Vaxar and Vaati, and/or tell everyone about Vaxar’s plan, if he didn’t give Duvaingwen back. Vaxar revived Duvaingwen in the last minute before Aradheldor told every world leader in Middle-Earth what was going on. After Vaati was killed, Middle-Earth got back to normal and Aradheldor dismissed the idea of wanting to take over Lor’dencia.

Aradheldor finally married Duvaingwen and had a son, Melindo, who was a Electricity Elemental by birth. Victoria also got another child, a daughter, who loved visiting Aradheldor and Melindo in their free time.

Aradheldor was still tensed after the death of Vaati, as Vaxar promised him that he will kill everyone he loved if he told everyone about his plan. But Aradheldor knew Vaxar was going to do that, wether Aradheldor told or not. Finally, after sixteen years, Vaxar came and literally destroyed Middle-Earth, causing everyone to evacuate. The only known survivors were from Lilebeth, Lor’dencia, and Lelendorei. Morfindes, Victoria, and Thranduil died, trying to protect their kingdoms.

After the survivors were safe, Aradheldor finally told everyone what and why everything just happened, and naturally, everyone (excluding his family, the ones who sheltered the survivors, and surprisingly, Margret Dorian, the mother of Phillip Dorian) lashed out on him and blamed him. Aradheldor explained that he couldn’t have prevented it and even apologized to everyone for his past actions.

Everyone was later told that Vaxar could only be beaten by Elementals, leaving Aradheldor, Faerthurin, Lachanar, and Nendes to go and fight him. After a failed attempt in attempting to beat Vaxar, the realized he was way much stronger and his mother, Celestia, who was killed by Victoria Sardothien a long time ago. After Melindo and Madonna tagged along, they sent out to gather several more Elementals, including Fiona, a dancer (and part-time mistress) at a fancy night club/inn, were only females can go in for free while the men had to pay. After Aradheldor and the rest of the team gathered the Sound, Gravity and Spirit Elemental (And after small a man-to-man pep talk between himself and Taendir), they set off to once again fight Vaxar. They won, and sacrificing Aradheldor and Lachanar in the process.

Everyone who knew him, including his past enemies, went to his funeral and paid their respects.


  • He was coincidently made after the Norse Rune, Tiwaz (Air)
  • His name means: Royal Terror
  • He uses L'Oreal, 'Cause he's worth it. (Not really, he used a different special type of shampoo and conditioner.)
  • He has a tendency to lick his swords clean whenever there’s blood on it, and then wipe it again with a cloth, even in the middle of a battle.
    • He claims that he doesn’t realize he licks his sword as he’s done it so many times he does it subconsciously.
  • His personality type is surprisingly ESFJ-A
  • He claims to have mastered the piano, violin, and several more instruments. He also happens to be an extremely talented artist.
  • As a child and in his early stages of adulthood, he was usually mistaken as a female due to his extreme androgyny.
    • During his twenties and early thirties he was usually mistakenly flirted with by more than several men.
  • He’s extremely fond of animals.
    • He has a Nøkk as a mount, which belonged to his father before he died. He later switched to a Griffin which he named Apollo and gave the Nøkk to Duvaingwen. He also has a Doberman Pinscher.
    • Though he hates spiders.
  • He never really cared much for romantic love and never searched for suitresses, princesses from other kingdoms. He thought of the idea of love to be frivolous and a waste of time; he always rejected his suitresses.
  • There were myths about him that says he’s a vampire; he would only come out at night to the garden and feed on the blood of those who stayed out late at night. Though this was an exaggeration of the truth.
    • He would mostly come out at night to have a walk in the garden to have some time to himself.
    • The dipiction of him being a vampire is also an exaggeration of his slight past-murderous tendencies and Blood Comsumption Empowerment.
    • And an exaggeration to the reason of his nearly white skin, the fact that he rarely got outside is not because of the sun, reason is because he was insecure of his androgyny as a child. The reason later became the sun as he didn’t want it to damage his pale skin.
  • It’s still in question wether he’s addicted to blood or not.
  • Aradheldor was so close to being named Phillip V, but his father changed it last minute.
  • He’s first and foremost obsession is the desire of knowledge, vanity is second.
  • His Coral Armband was inspired by Tifa Lockhart’s Minerva Band in Final Fantasy VII.
  • He has an irrational fear of needles. From having been tortured ‘just for fun’ by lethal injections and having his mouth sewn shut.
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