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Aura is a Nativus of the Air element (which is also known as Wind) and one of the main protagonists of Pantheon. She does not remember anything about her past, and seeks to regain her memories.

She is the main protagonist of Part 1: Graceful Winds.


Aura has long, silvery-white hair that reaches down to her ankles and whiteish-green eyes. She wears a long white dress and is barefoot, as she prefers to float instead of walk.

Her Nature Core is like her eyes, whiteish-green.


Aura is most notable for her extreme cheerfulness. She has a free spirit but has been known to have a rebellious side and will follow her own choices despite whatever orders she is given. She is also very kind and selfless to those in need and also very naive, believing that anyone can be a good person if they just try. She also tends to have her head in the clouds - usually leading to absent-mindedness - and is also very childish, but at the same time incredibly honest and sincere, but will only avoid telling the truth if it is likely to hurt someone. Also has severe claustrophobia.

She is very close friends with Lyra and Fulgora, and it is implied that she has romantic feelings for the former.

Powers & Abilities

Aura has the ability to generate and manipulate air and wind in a wide variety of ways, not only using it to send on powerful wind gusts, create whirlwinds and tornadoes, form air into various solid constructs or send out powerful air beams and so on, but also to float, fly, and move solid objects in a manner very similar to telekinesis. She can also use air/wind to slice enemies and can breathe in virtually any environment, even underwater and in vacuums. She can fly through the air at incredible speeds without being affected negatively in any way whatsoever, and can turn both invisible and intangible at the same time. Also has control over air pressure, air density and the weight of herself and others.

However since she controls the Air element, she is weak mostly to Lightning and Earth.


  • She is named after the goddess of breezes and cool morning air in Greek mythology.
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