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Aura is a Nativus of the Air element and one of the main protagonists of Pantheon. She does not remember anything about her past, and seeks to regain her memories.

She is the main protagonist of Part 1: Graceful Winds.


Aura resembles a young, light-skinned girl with long, silvery-white hair that reaches all the way to her ankles and pale green eyes. She wears a long white dress and usually goes around barefoot, preferring to float around instead of walking.

Her elemental symbol depicts a swirling air current. (Like how air was drawn as in myth or stuff like that)


Aura is a free-spirited, kind and positive person. She is very cheerful most of the time and doesn’t hesitate to try to find the good in anyone no matter how nasty they may seem. She is also quite adventurous and curious of the unknown, which can make her rather reckless. While she may be a caring soul, she is also not afraid to use her powers to defend herself or fight enemies, but rarely ever kills them unless it’s absolutely necessary. She ALSO likes to do whatever she can to help those in need, showing a selfless side to her.

Aura does not respond well to authority and does not like being ordered around, as she prefers to follow her own choices, her OWN will. She also tends to have her head in the clouds, and can be very childish and naive at times.

She is also severely claustrophobic, and she doesn’t like crowded areas. Also rather squeamish when it comes to standing on the ground.

She is very close friends with Fulgora and Venti, and it is implied that she has romantic feelings for the former.


Aura’s specific origins are unknown, but it is known that she came into existence after Mother Nature’s death, where her soul was split into numerous crystalline fragments that became the Nativus.

Powers & Abilities

She lacks most enhanced physical attributes, however she does possess an enhanced lung capacity and the ability to breathe in virtually any environment, even in vacuums. She can also levitate and fly at any speed, and is resistant to air friction. She ALSO has the ability to turn invisible and intangible at the same time. Also surprisingly lightweight.

Like all Nativus, she possesses the ability to fuse with other members of her species to form new, stronger Nativus that control their own element.


Aura possess the Nature Core of Freedom inside her chest, making her the Nativus of the Air element, also known as Wind. This gives her the ability to create, shape and manipulate air currents. She can not only create things such as powerful wind gusts and devastating whirlwinds, she can also solidify air into objects such as barriers, discs and drills, and use wind to cut things. Not only she can control air, but air pressure as well. She uses this mainly to crush targets and pressurize her attacks. She can also use wind to move objects in a manner similar to telekinesis, and can even teleport using air. These are just a few things she can do with her elemental power.

However since she controls the Air element, she is weak mostly to Lightning and Earth.


She is named after the goddess of breezes and cool morning air in Greek mythology.

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