• Glitchee123z

    The Dodgemaster

    September 9, 2020 by Glitchee123z

    DISCLAIMER: This character was obviously made only as a joke, and thus is not to be taken seriously in any way.

    “You’ve just been out-dodged!”-The Dodgemaster.

    The Dodgemaster is one ridiculously overpowered son of a bitch that resides in the Legendverse. He wants to kill everything just because he can.

    The Dodgemaster takes on the shape of a plain yellow humanoid figure, with no facial features other than a large cartoonish mouth that is commonly stretched into a wide grin. He doesn’t wear any clothing, but doesn’t have any bodily features either. The only thing he really wears is his infamous Cape of Dodging, a long, flowing red cape. He can still see, hear and smell despite his mostly featureless face.

    The Dodgemaster has evaded the concept…

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  • AlphaTheHD


    August 28, 2020 by AlphaTheHD

    Result Component 2 Component 1
    etc. etc. etc.

    Stat Value

    ▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ 1/10
    ▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ 2/10
    ▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ 3/10
    ▮▯▮▯▮▯▮▯▮▯ 5?/10

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  • Glitchee123z

    A small test

    August 10, 2020 by Glitchee123z

    Just a little test.

    “Hee hee hee.....”

    Bella laid on the ground, beaten and panting. The sound of her foe’s mocking laughter filled her ears, echoing off the walls of the room. Her wounds weren’t hearing fast enough. A pained grunt escaped from her lungs as she struggled to get off the ground, but all she managed was to barely stand on her knees, clutching her chest. Her blurred vision focused onto the menacing hooded figure before her.

    “So, this is the mongrel daughter of the great Inari Camellia,” he sneered. “Honestly, considering how much of a pain she was, I was expecting, I don’t know, an actual fight.” He grinned sadistically through his hood, showing his razor sharp teeth which shined through the dark. “And yet here you are, laying on …

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  • Glitchee123z

    So, since I’m bored, I would like to take the time to give my personal list of roleplaying things I dislike. Because I have nothing better to do:

    Bunnying is forcefully taking control of another RPer’s OC without that user’s permission. This can be making that OC do what they wouldn’t normally do or what that character’s actual doesn’t want them to do. Godmodding can be very annoying, and one should avoid this by...just controlling the actions of your own OCs, and nobody else’s.

    To some others, Bunnying is more commonly known as Godmodding, however I prefer to use that term to refer to a different type of bad roleplaying:

    I would define Godmodding as making your own OC suddenly manifest powers and abilities they never had before, or making th…

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  • AmIBread

    Verse Structure

    July 4, 2020 by AmIBread

    Below is my way of structuring verses in a “universal” hierarchy that applies to all my verses. You may use this structure if you wish, or modify it how you please, as it is only a way of organizing things. These terms are not “canon” character or entity they revolve around, or by a word that describes the general theme of the verse. Currently, there are only two officially active verses I use.

    • Treat-verse
    • SCI-verse

    • Fiorian-verse

    A universe can be defined in an infinite number of ways according to the structures defined below. It is usually seen as a large self-contained area of space containing planets, stars, and galaxies, held together through many laws of physics or magic, depending on its place in the verse hierarchy. Universes can be vir…

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  • Princess puryfinns


    June 8, 2020 by Princess puryfinns

    Fiela was a girl who died when she was 16 she tried her best ro sva elexine but was unsucesful at the last moment she grabbe dlexine and died with her.

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  • Tessa23

    Memes of the day 2

    April 27, 2020 by Tessa23
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  • Glitchee123z

    So, I recently just came up with this new idea and wanted to share it. :)

    Elysian Knights: Broken God is essentially an alternate universe idea for my story, Elysian Knights. It’s mostly the same as the original one, only with a couple changes. Mainly being that there is no Hand of Dawn, no Abaddon, and no Riven. In fact, Riven is replaced by a mysterious entity known only as the Overmind, who influences and controls all Pandora in existence from the Abyss.

    The Pandora also have a different origin in this alternate timeline. Instead of being a race of genocidal monsters that wiped out hundreds of other species across space before eventually being introduced to the Empyrean System, they are actually a species of artificial life-forms that wer…

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  • Eddnsimone717






    I created some GOE "Dolls" on a site called "Doll Divine" once & I think these'll make nice placeholder pictures... 😃🤷🏽‍♀️




    What do ya think?

    Enjoy your day! 😊



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  • Eddnsimone717






    Uhhh... 😅 {Insert clever thingamajig here}

    Yeah... I got nothin' other than:

    {Insert BS apology}

    So... I've been a bit M.I.A. Why? 'Cause after 2 surgeries (2019), ya girl's more tired than usual (seriously, I've been tired af ever since 😩)...


    • I'm updating my "GOE" page (Idk if I'm updating today, though). 😃
    • I may be adding another page today. 😊


    Well, that's all for now.

    Enjoy your day! 😊



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  • Tessa23

    Memes of the day

    April 14, 2020 by Tessa23
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  • Glitchee123z

    This is just a list of terms for my Glitched Network (I renamed it) universe to remind meself in case I forget.

    Network - The main setting of Glitched Network. A vast multiverse of different worlds.

    Code - The stuff which all things in the Network are made out of. Essentially the building blocks of all things Network.

    Universal Code - The special Code which makes up the Network itself. It has multiple different layers and is very complex.

    File - A line of Code which contains all information about someone or something.

    Server - A universe or world in the Network. It can be anything, and new Servers are always being created. The creator of a Server is the one who gets to decide who or who isn’t allowed to Connect.

    Site - Enormous activity hubs tha…

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  • Eddnsimone717

    “I’m Half-Hag, I like dark shite.” -Jonquil Blake on her darker half’s nature

    Out of boredom, my character Ellenor Flint wrote a story about 5 girls with elemental powers called "Goddesses of Eleme".

    Princesses (& future queens) of their respective planets of the Planet-Cluster “Eleme”.

    As is the mission of many Auralians, the GOE hope to protect the Nixian Dimension (our dimension) from Ellivo, the Dark & his creatures.

    Using Astral Projection, the girls live a double life: 1 on Earth & 1 on their home Cluster.

    Height: 6’0’’

    Planet: Aquatia (West of Eleme, on Eleme’s right.)

    Planet Symbol(s): Saber Lotus, Koi Eel, Triton Shell (Shape used for royal crowns, whatever material the crown's made of.)

    Race(s): Beastoid-Siren (Siren is a sub-race of Beas…

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  • Eddnsimone717

    “Then our Gods decided to settle down as flesh & blood, paving the way for her unique existence.” -Sean Phillips on his wife, Holliday

    Long ago, as our dimension was created, another dimension, parallel to ours, began to form.

    This dimension was quite unique, for its stars weren’t burning gas, but burning magical energy called “Aura”. The stars were golden in color in the beginning. That is, until the energy in them gained sentience...

    The energy of these stars gained sentience after burning at an ungodly temperature.

    After gaining sentience, the energy gained clairvoyance. Seeing its future, the energy split itself into different “Auras”, 1 Aura representing everything we know & love.

    Another vision of the future showed 2 humanoids, male & fema…

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  • Eddnsimone717

    Incoming!!! 😃

    March 29, 2020 by Eddnsimone717






    Just want to post an update:

    My “Welcome to Auralia” page is coming along, almost ready for publishing! 😃

    It’s a WIP, so I may just publish the bit I have, just to give you all a taste of what’s to come! 😆


    Enjoy (My works & your day)! 😊



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  • Eddnsimone717

    Welcome to Auralia

    March 26, 2020 by Eddnsimone717


    |3-25-20/10:57-11:17pm; to 11:25pm|

    (Awkward edited time stamp, I know... 😅😂)


    I’m new here, so this may be an awkward 1st post...

    Anyway, 👋🏽😘


    My 1st post is me making an announcement that I’m creating pages for the characters of my original story, “Welcome to Auralia” (formerly “Welcome to Moure”)! 😃

    The original setting was a planet (and galaxy) called “Moure”, but I decided to name the story after the entire dimension because I want to tell stories about the different alien creatures from many of the galaxies I created, not just 1.

    So, as of today, I’m officially making “Welcome to Auralia” known!

    Stay tuned! 😊👋🏽


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  • Tessa23

    The Last Silverstone

    March 2, 2020 by Tessa23

    Luna was walking around the store. "Artemis! There's another customer!"

    "Coming!" Artemis replied and walked out. "How may I help you?"

    "I'm looking for some healing potions." Kieran said stepping into the store.

    Artemis was surprised but didn't show it. "Of course." 

    She brought him what he asked for. "Will that be all?"

    "Yes, thank you." Kieran said. He left the shop.

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  • Glitchee123z

    Empyrean System-Rev 1

    February 1, 2020 by Glitchee123z

    This is just a test edit for the Empyrean System. Move along now.

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  • The God Of Procrastination


    I'm pretty sure that I failed at that

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  • Car2006
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  • The Purpur Man

    You guys know who I'm talking about.

    Arguing with him isn't doing anything.

    The only thing to do is to just ignore him. If he comments on your posts, ignore him. Don't bother leaving a reply. Essentially just give him the silent treatment.

    Maybe he'll get the message.

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  • Dystopianist

    Interview Log, █/██/██
    Interviewer: Dr. Connor Simone
    Interviewee: SCP-████-█
    [Begin Log]
    Dr. Simone: Alright, SCP-████-23, we just need to ask you a few questions. SCP-████-23: Of course, Connor.
    Dr. Simone: You’re not Alex. You’re just something that’s taken his place. Don’t try me. Now, what is the earliest thing you can remember?
    SCP-████-23: The earliest thing I can remember.. how about your warm caress, or your words of love in my ear?
    Dr. Simone is now shaking heavily. Heart rate is up 75%.
    Dr. Simone: You’re not Alex. You’re just another memetic anomaly, waiting to be contained! Don’t try my patience! SCP-████-23: Well then, how about, [REDACTED FOR MEMETIC CONTAGION]. Dr. Simone: At the end of the tunnel, there is only light. The grass s…

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  • AlphaTheHD

    Test Sheet

    October 12, 2019 by AlphaTheHD


    The beginning of all timelines.

    A specific sequence of events that takes place in a region of space-time.
    No two timelines are identical, even if the only difference is a single water molecule flowing to the left of a rock in the middle of a stream instead of to the right. For the time being, timelines have the properties of both parallel timelines and branching timelines since I haven't decided yet which model I want to adopt for my Verse.

    Edit: I couldn't decide between the two... so I chose both! As a result, timelines share the properties of both parallel and branching timelines. Timelines in their natural state

    The collection of all possible timelines that share the same laws of physics, universal constants, initial conditions, etc.


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  • TaraSparkle61719

    Billie McAmish

    September 20, 2019 by TaraSparkle61719

    Basic Info!

    Name Billie McAmish

    Alias The Fallen Angel

    Alignment Chaotic Neutral

    Race Metahuman

    Gender Girl

    Age 17

    Birthday September 1, 7,000,002,002

    Personal Data!

    Birthplace Miami Nationality Irish-American Affiliation The Cleaners of The Scorched Earth Occupation Assassin Base of Operations What remains of Florida Appearance Short, black hair and a eyepatch on one eye. Full lips and scars on her face in place of freckles. Green eyes. Wears leather and combat boots. Blood Type O negative Weight 145 pounds Hair Color Black Eye Color Green


    Power Skilled fighter and superhumanly fast. Hobby "Cleaning" the Scorched Earth Fighting Style Fast and quick Weapon Dual handguns

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  • Wyz'Ard Arogoa

    Insert Character's name here



    Meta Space-Time Manipulation


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  • Scythesize


    September 11, 2019 by Scythesize


    Gender: Female

    Age: Indefinite

    Personal Data:

    Birthplace: The Omnipotent's Lap

    Affliliation: The Omnipotent

    Base of Operations: The Omnipotent's Sanctuary

    Favourite Food: Everything; namely Pepperoni Pizza


    Hair Color: Light Auburn

    Eye Color: Black

    Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches (approx.)

    Power: (Meta) Nigh-Omnipotent. One step before Omnipotence.

    Weapon: Herself.

    Fighting style: Mentifery; everything she thinks happens.


    The Omnipotent is the One, Singular being who wields all the infinity and beyond, including all the powers listed here. He is the Top-most, and absolutely none and no other concepts can topple Him. He is the Beginning of Everything, and also the Omega. He is the Almighty, the Undeniable. He, is everything.

    The Omnipotent daw…

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  • Car2006

    Ray G. Howard

    September 10, 2019 by Car2006

    "No, you can't ever give in to the dark voices in your head. The voices in the real world are the one you should listen to...but it's ironic with the power I have...right?"

    Rylan is a teenager with naturally white hair due to a birth defect. He dyes his hair blue to hide the fact of his white hair. Another thing is that he has a very fair complexion and has no noticeable skin markings or scars.

    His hair is cut to around to the top of his neck so it's somewhat short Sometimes on occasions, he likes to put his hair into a man bun which he ties with 2 rubber bands. 

    He usually is seen with his school uniform and a computer bag with one strap. One thing that he likes to do that he admits to somewhat girly is painted his nails blue to match his h…

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  • Wyz'Ard Arogoa

    Rotskk, The Lord of Souls. The King of all Spirits, The Scourge of Life... His titles are as innumerable as his life. Since his death he's done nothing, but rise to the heights he attempted in life. Changing the very fabric of his own existence into one that he commands with superior authority. Other lords of the afterlife are seldom wary of his power, but they do well to stay out of his way as his command of the spirit world is superior to theirs. In all of his undeath he's only come across one being who managed to be a boon to his authority and because of that he's rescinded into his own domain where his authority will always triumph.

    Spirit World Manipulation

    Nether Manipulation

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  • Unoriginalusername89

    I want to improve the sheet for Johnny, so comment down below on how Johnny would be too OP and stuff.

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  • Unoriginalusername89


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  • Mars is OP as hell.


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  • Bluemage1992

    New Template2

    June 26, 2019 by Bluemage1992

    Insert Character's name here

    Epithet ???
    Alignment ???
    Race ???
    Laterality ???
    Gender ???
    Age ???
    Birthday ???
    Blood Type ???
    Personal Data
    Birthplace ???
    Affiliation ???
    Occupation ???
    Base of Operations ???
    Family ???
    Favorite Food ???
    Hair Color ???
    Eye Color ???
    Height ???
    Weight ???
    Power Keep it brief
    Hobbies ???
    Forte in sports ???
    Weapon ???
    Fighting style ???

    Insert Character's name here

    • To copy onto your blog: please go to source mode copy everything on this page, and then open source mode on your blog and paste there.

    Sincerely, User talk:Imouto-tan

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  • Bluemage1992

    Brackston Walker

    June 26, 2019 by Bluemage1992

    ●Name: Brackston Walker

    ●Age: 15

    ●Race: Human

    ●Nationality: African-American

    ●Gender: Male

    ●Birthday: June. 9

    ●Skin Color: Light Brown

    ●Eye Color: Dark and light brown

    ●Hair Color: black

    ●Body Type: Slightly Muscular

    ●Likes: Training, playing darts

    ●Dislikes: dishonor and cowardice

    ●Height: 5ft

    ●Weight: 170

    ●Personality: Quiet and Shy

    ●Occupation: Student

    ●Residence: Weapon Academy

    ●Powers: Enhanced Polearm Proficiency

    ●Attire: Red Hoodie, Black Long Shorts, Brown Shoes, Blue Gloves, Black/Gold Belt

    ●Weapon Level: 570

    ●Weapon Type: Electricity Weaponry

    ●Weapon Of Choice: Polearm

    ●Alignment: Good



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