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Defiance Division
Founded 22 July 2276
Country United States
Affiliation USCAF
Type Special operations force
Role Direct action

Unconventional operations

Size 100-200
HQ Site-001
Nicknames The Division; Defiance Force
Known members Mira

The Defiance Division is a highly elite special forces group of the High Council created in the 2270’s, founded for the purpose of protecting the world from extraordinary threats. The very existence of the Defiance Division is denied by the High Council, but it is considered an open secret by many. Its members consist only of artificial superhumans, many of them empowered by various technologies left behind after the war. The Division is used for the most dangerous and high-stakes missions where regular humans are not sufficient to guarantee success. The Defiance Division is primarily tasked with direct action, hostage rescue, and counter-terrorism, but are capable of performing nonconventional operations when needed. The Defiance Division is the High Council’s last option for the most risky and classified missions.


The Division is under the organization of the High Council Department of Special Operations, but is controlled directly by High Council Command. The very existence of the Division is kept classified on a need-to-know basis, and only the most high-ranking and trusted officers are given command over it. The Division’s headquarters is at the HC First City, or Site-001.

The Defiance Division is quite small compared to other special forces groups, consisting of somewhere between 100-200 members. Every soldier in the Division is an artificial superhuman, called a Defier, which are divided into teams of 3-6 people, led by an NCO. For small-scale missions, single teams are sent, but for more complex operations multiple teams will be used at a time. All members of the Division are required to live on-base and are not allowed to interact with the public.


Members of the Defiance Division are not recruited like regular military units, since all members must be superhuman. Every member of the Division is carefully designed and created at Site-006, where they undergo special training and durability testing and a leadership assessment. If they pass, they will be promoted to an NCO rank depending on their performance and assigned to a team. Otherwise, they will be given the rank of specialist (E-4). Officers assigned to the Division must be at least a lieutenant colonel (O-5) or a colonel (O-6) and have been an overseer at Site-006.


After their initial creation, Defiers enter a specialized training program designed specifically for them. Since they are designed with enhanced strength and stamina, they forgo basic physical training and instead focus on specific skills and abilities that would be impossible or impractical for unaugmented humans to perform. Their training focuses on performance in extreme environments against well-protected targets and emphasizes effective teamwork and improvisation with a small amount of people, while making good use of any special abilities they may have.

Their training begins with a short assessment of their physical capabilities, requiring them to do advanced strength exercises such as one finger push-ups, one arm chin-ups, precision jumping, and a 5 mile sprint. They also undergo fear testing to determine such things as acrophobia or claustrophobia. After physical testing they will be put through marksmanship training with several weapons and taught weapon improvisation. Then they move onto specialized training, which includes learning demolition, hostage rescue tactics, recon, assassination, and manipulation of massive objects.

Adaptability is an extremely important skill learned by the Defiers. They must be able to keep calm under great pressure and analyze a situation as quickly as possible and find the best possible course of action. Unlike other special forces teams, the Defiance Division rarely plans their operations over a long period of time. They are meant to respond quickly to immediate threats of inconceivable nature, and are allowed to take extreme measures in order to succeed in their missions.

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