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“I’m not one for picking sides, but if one hurts my friends, they’re going down,” — Emma



She has prussian blue hair and turquoise eyes.


Emma has a apathetic and a ‘I don’t give a damn’ look and demeanor. She’s is one to work alone but couldn’t help it when she was thrown in a Team as an Elemental Warrior.

She doesn’t care about people but does at the same time. She doesn’t like the concept of ‘friends’ but internally enjoys the company of her teammates and others she knows very well on the Elemental Warriors program.


Status Manipulation

She can manipulate the state/status of anything/everything. Status can include things like whether one is considered alive or dead, active or sedentary, awake or asleep, mortal or immortal, god or human, weak or strong, healthy or injured, whether one heals from injuries or not, change or stagnation, and etc.

Since one's status is a broad-ranging power, virtually anything can be changed depending on her skill and the target in question.

Status Reading

She can read/view the complete status of anyone or anything, allowing them to see any/all powers/skills, stats, level, overall health, flaws, etc. the target possesses. She can also transfer that information to another medium so that anyone else, including the target, can view the information/status for themselves.


She can suppress or negate emotions in herself or does not possess emotions at all, allowing her to ignore emotional distractions, suffering from psychological/emotional stress, and/or feeling from affecting her thinking processes.


She can scan anything and analyze the data and information that is gathered, including not just technological and digital subjects, but also subjects that are biological, chemical, etc.

Scanner Vision

She can perform complex visual scans on the environment or creatures around them and determine their intimate properties or detect their presence, using special eye equipment. She can also diagnose the condition of what she observes and find inconsistencies or errors.

Digital Vision

She is able to perceive everything in digital data-form, this way she can collect data faster and even analyze it to use it.

Medical Intuition

She has great, if not innate, medical knowledge, enabling them to easily treat others' injuries and create medicines. One with this ability can cook up concoctions and remedies for ailments with nearly anything in one's environments. She is also able to tell which things in the wild (or in one’s kitchen) are poisonous and which are safe to ingest or to use to treat injuries. This ability is not always accompanied by the ability Healing, just the ability to discern sources of natural remedies in domestic products and the like.


Emma had a wealthy family, no one really famous or important. Her father was a retired Admiral and her mother was a wellknown and respected singer in their town.


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