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Hazards are one of the primary focuses in HAZARDous. They are any living creature - human, animal or even plant in some cases - that has been mutated into an eldritch creature by intense exposure Distortion Wave Radiation.

Appearance & Physiology

Hazards can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, regardless of what they used to be before mutating. Hazard forms can range anywhere from cartoonish to uncomprehendingly horrific and alien. The possibilities are practically endless.


Due to being exposed to Distortion Waves, Hazards have varying levels of mental damage. Abnormal behavior can range from simply odd or weird, to partially or completely deranged or delusional, all the way to mindless, animalistic behavior or completely unresponsive. It is extremely rare for Hazards to not suffer any psychological or behavioral deformities at all.

Typically, Hazards will lose most or all memories of their previous lives.

Some Hazards are also prone to use Insane Troll Logic. [1]

Powers & Abilities

All Hazards have the ability to subvert/defy the laws of physics, logic or even reality itself, either passively or at will. This essentially allows them to accomplish what is considered completely impossible by our standards. Certain Hazards may also have a slew of various powers and abilities, some of which may be either totally bizarre, completely illogical, impossible to have or use by normal standards, or even all three. Most Hazards also have a complete immunity to psychic attacks due to their mental state.

All Hazards also radiate various levels of invisible Distortion Waves, and can have incredibly long lifespans.

Types of Hazards

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