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The Legendverse is the boundless reality housing any and all universes, multiverses, planes, realities, dimensions etc created by the almighty, eldritch, shapeshifting being known as Legend. Whatever he creates, no matter what it is, exists in the Legendverse. No exceptions. There is no guarantee that he won’t eventually change, undo or replace his creations, nor is there a guarantee that he will make new ones.


Legend created the Legendverse from nothing, naming it after himself. In this Legendverse arose thousands of universe, multiverses, and hundreds more. A thousand realities with a thousand stories.

Known Verses in the Legendverse

While there are practically limitless realms within the Legendverse, only a few really gain a lot of Legend’s attention.

Elysian Knights

This science-fantasy universe takes place in the Empyrean System, home to numerous planets, life-forms and the remains of destroyed civilizations. Where the essences of life and death respectively flow through every crevice and the void of space, and where the inhabitants of the dangerous world Azura battle against terrorists, the savage Vargr and the ravenous Pandora with their mystical warriors known as Arcanes. But when a shadowy organization of non-humans threatens to end the world as we know it, only a few heroes are brave enough to oppose them and thwart their plans.

Aeterna Noctis

In the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Hemera, humanity has been scattered across the continents in small towns and cities, struggling to survive even millennia after The Nightfall. Monsters roam the surface and Demons prepare their next strikes against humanity. Daytime is no more, with the world being sunken into an endless night. As The Moon watches the weaklings from the heavens with its Emissaries of destruction being born, the Demons and monsters are eager for their next taste of human flesh. Will the weapons and resilience of the mortals help them through the Dark Age, or will they join their ancestors who perished in the Nightfall?

Aeterna Elucida

An alternate universe of Aeterna Noctis where almost all life has been destroyed, with what’s left hiding beneath the earth. Instead of an eternal night, Hemera has been ruled for thousands of years under ceaseless daylight. The furious Sun’s heat incinerates all those exposed to it, and the land of Hemera has been reduced to a dry, inhospitable wasteland. The Demons are no more, and Heaven itself has turned against the mortal realm.


In a futuristic Earth, humanity has evolved with special superpowers known as Conduits, and.....


.......uhm, that’s it basically. There’s also a school where the protagonists go to to learn how to use their powers and an evil organization, but not much else.


In the vast multiverse of HAZARDous, the planet Earth has been destroyed. Fortunately, humanity has survived on a distant world and became the one of the most technologically advanced species in the galaxy, mastering warp technology and interstellar travel and spreading their territory out far and wide. However, a mysterious energy known as Distortion Wave Radiation has plagued the universe, transforming anything it comes into contact with into eldritch creatures with all kinds of bizarre and illogical abilities known as Hazards. The Distortion Waves have spread to all corners of the cosmos, infecting countless star systems and galaxies and turning their inhabitants into these logic-defying monstrosities. Humanity, aided by numerous alien species, formed the United Intergalactic Purification Alliance to contain and cure the Hazards and rid the universe of Distortion Waves....

....but that would all change when a massive and chaotic prison break occurred at a UIPA containment world, organized and led by one Hazard known simply as ‘Marcus’.

Project Liminal

A yet unnamed fantasy universe set in the world of Evandria, ruled by humanoid beings known by Liminals.

“That one’s a work in progress. It’s still pretty new. I just came up with it.”-Legend.

Beasts of Legend

In the fantasy world of Aria, humanity lives in separate kingdoms on the continent of Gemina, all of which at war with each other and blind to what lies beyond the landmass they call home. Myths have long since persisted of humanoids that could turn into animals or powerful deities. However, a select few would make a revolutionary discovery deep below ground, and uncover the beasts that have been locked away...


Millions of years have passed since the death of Dea by the hands of humans in the Old World, and yet the tragedy has been remembered to this very day. Humanity is under constant threat of misanthropic beasts with elemental powers known as Titans, a dark substance which consumes all life it comes across known as Corruption, and a mindless berserker known as The Wandering Chaos, who is hellbent on slaughtering everyone that lives. To save their race and the crumbling world of Pantheon, humanity has searched ceaselessly for the Nativus, remnants of Dea’s soul with each one possessing a mere fragment of her incredible elemental power. However they still have yet to capture one of these elusive masters of nature.

God of Dragons

”Oh, that? It’s a work in progress. See, I had recently read a story called ‘Wings of Fire’, and I certainly enjoyed it. I wanted to make my own story inspired by it, meaning this universe has dragons in it. But other than that, there’s not much to be disclosed about it at the moment.”-Legend.

Into the Deep

In the year 800,6781, the planet Earth has become a frozen wasteland and has long since been abandoned by humanity, who disappeared into the cosmos never to return. However, this does not mean that the ice world is desolate, as the waters below the ice are teeming with aquatic life, along with an aquatic, mermaid-like race known as the Undine. When a robotic alien race from beyond the stars threatens to take over their world as horrors from the deep sea begin to surface, the fate of Siluria falls into the hands of a mere few children.


Eight children disappeared into the forest, all of them never came back. They wake up, without any memories, in a strange new world inhabited by bizarre creatures, some friendly, others not. They must stick together to persevere through all kinds of obstacles and find their way back home, while also solve the mystery of who they were on their time on Earth.

Nothing Human

In another futuristic Earth, the planet was bombarded by a shower of meteors which released a green, viral mist. Anyone and everyone who was exposed to the mist either turned into mindless zombies or horned humanoids with unnatural powers that defy the laws of science known as Daimons. Soon after, a military organization known as The Paragon Order formed with the goal to capture, contain, study and possibly even cure Daimons and the virus that turned humans into Daimons known as the Omega Pathogen. Soon after, many other factions formed, such as the Mutant Extermination Alliance, with the goal to eliminate Daimons from society, the House of Purification, a religious terrorist faction with the same goals as the MEA, The Metahuman Resistance Force, another military faction composed of nothing but Daimons who desire to free their kind, a peaceful human-Daimon organization known as The Amity, and finally a brutal terrorist faction of misanthropic Daimons known only as Renegade. In the midst of all this chaos is the Underground Rebellion, for Daimons who only wish to get away from the carnage, and the humans who sympathize with them.

Legend wants to add three more factions to this universe, but he hasn’t thought about them yet.



X-L Uprising

A common trope among Legend’s universes is that whenever they take place on our Earth, it’s almost always a futuristic version of Earth, because “Why not?”, he says.

In this version of future Earth, humanity has perfected cybertechnology, mass-producing multipurpose robots which replaced humans. However a technological virus of unknown origin spread across the planet, infecting any and all machines it came into contact with and turning them into mindless killers. However a few robots known as ‘X-L’s were somehow immune to the virus.

Fallen Worlds

In the distant future, the planet Earth was destroyed by a cataclysmic alien force known as the Formor which emerged from within Earth’s moon. As the remnants of humanity evacuated to a distant star system, the Formor quickly spread across the stars, infecting and destroying many worlds and enslaving many races. Now, humanity must fight against several different alien races - as well as fhe Formor itself - for total control over a vast collection of solar systems.

Chronicles of Cringe

A universe made primarily as a joke by Legend. It‘s a fantasy/action/comedy series with intentionally bland and one-dimensional characters with a goofy, humorous twist to them. It follows the adventures of Hiro in the land of Hira, along with with his team of nobodies as they try to stop the evil Razin the Darkedge from gathering all of the 8 Ki of Power so he can destroy the world. All with a purposefully bad plot, an almost complete lack of consistency, shit writing and characters so overly serious and poorly-written that it makes them humorous, along with everything else that’s supposed to be shitty.

Digital Fantasy Quest

This world is literally a video game. In the boundless fantasy world of Simulacra, monsters and bosses prowl in every corner and in every area. Beings called ‘Players’ wield a wide variety of weapons, magic and other equipment to fight these monsters and go on various quests. It’s pretty much like every fantasy RPG game, except the world itself is the game. Many have tried and failed to reach the exact center of this world, but when a mysterious virus threatens to infect and erase everything in existence, a few heroes must rise up to stop it.


The horror/mystery universe takes place on modern-day Earth. It is a collection of stories and tales with people’s experiences with bizarre and frightening entities, ranging from interdimensional forests to supernatural serial killers, all of which lie outside of our knowledge. What other kinds of nightmares lurk in the unknown?


Nothing special, It’s just a multiverse for all of Legend’s ideas which he doesn’t really have any other place for.


Another universe set in a modern-day Earth where any and all kinds of creatures from myths, folktales and legends of the world are actually real and known to everyone.


The dreaded Monsterverse is a multiverse where all of the inhabitants of all other universes take the form of horrific monstrosities, with their respective universes as nothing but dystopian wastelands where the abominations roam. It’s not really a story, it’s just something Legend made for fun.

Alpha Reality

Main article: Alpha Reality

The Alpha Reality lies in the exact center of the Legendverse and is the domain of Legend himself, an entire universe where he resides in which he can shape and manipulate with a mere thought to fit his desires. He rarely lets anyone within his inner sanctum, as he does not like the eternal peace in said universe to be disrupted by any foolish outsiders.

Omega Reality


Nexus City

The Nexus City is a massive, high-tech city connected to all of Legend’s favorite universes, where it’s various inhabitants can gather and interact with other inhabitants of the Legendverse.

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