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Mira Diamond
Epithet Mira
Alignment Lawful good
Race Empowered human
Laterality Right
Gender Female
Age 5 (chronologically)

21 (physically)

Birthday December 18, 2284
Blood Type A-Positive
Personal Data
Birthplace Site-006
Affiliation U.S Council of the Armed Forces (High Council)
Occupation Human weapon
Base of Operations Site-058
Family None
Favorite Food Star fruit
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Light brown
Height 5'5
Weight 125.5 lbs.
Power Enhanced Condition

Supernatural Survivability Supernatural Speed (type II)

Weapon EM-1 Rifle, L-23 PLP, Combat knife
Fighting style Various styles of hand-to-hand combat

Mira Diamond is an artificial superhuman created in the 23rd century after the alien invasion of 2250 for the purpose of war deterrence and defense against future invasions.



Mira is 5’5 with light skin color, brown eyes, and short and straight dark brown hair. She appears as a young adult between 19-23 years of age, but chronologically she is only 5 years old. As is typical with 23rd century superhumans, she is structurally perfect, with an ideal fat percentage, weight, and body proportion. She is constantly at peak physical health, with an enhanced immune system, high levels of awareness, and flawless skin. By consequence, she is considered very attractive and desirable by most people she meets.

Mira is a team leader in the Defiance Division of the U.S. High Council. She is based in Site-058 in South Carolina 15 miles southwest of Georgetown. Her special forces group consists entirely of empowered superhumans like herself, dubbed “The Defiers” after the project of the same name from 30 years earlier. The Defiance Division has a wide range of specialties, including being a war deterrence against other countries, a preparatory force against future alien invasions, and domestic special operations. Her rank is Corporal, and she leads a small team of specialists.


Mira is a natural leader. She is caring, empathetic, and rational, with a natural affinity for people. She enjoys making connections and puts much confidence in those she works with. She is seldom shy and loves nothing more than bringing people together, always seeing the good side of people. She is strong-minded and decisive in her actions, never hesitating to carry out her intentions. Mira is the type of person who puts a lot of responsibility on herself instead of leaving it to others. She tries to be the best leader possible, but when she makes mistakes she will blame herself for it relentlessly. She often stresses over making important decisions and sometimes questions if she made the right choices for other people. She is well-intentioned and proactive in her duties, but she does not yet have the experience to have unquestionable confidence in herself, so she often goes to her superiors for advice on the right course of action.

She is extremely loyal to the High Council and has a strong sense of justice, however she often blindly agrees with the Council's' decisions even if they are immoral, which can cause her significant cognitive dissonance when confronted about. She can be quite assertive and lose her temper about things she considers immoral without considering the other person's point of view. This is a trait that was instilled into her during her creation so she could not rebel against the High Council, but has been a point of conflict for her as she is trying to grow beyond her purpose and learn how to become more human.

Mira also has a much lower pain tolerance than most others of her kind. While she can still withstand any injury, she is mentally unprepared to get wounded and it is harder for her to focus while injured. This was considered a design flaw and almost caused her to be rejected, but she was not taken out of service because the way she is empowered makes it difficult to injure her in the first place, which was considered a viable balance.


  • Enhanced condition: Mira is built with enhanced physical traits that put her well above the capabilities of a regular human. She is massively stronger than even the strongest natural human, along with having much finer-tuned senses and reflexes, heightened cognitive abilities, and near limitless stamina. she is also immune to disease.
  • Supernatural survivability: She is capable of withstanding any amount of physical damage without dying or becoming incapacitated. This makes the price of getting injured in combat much lower than normal soldiers, allowing her to take risks that could normally not be made. Even high caliber bullets barely affect her and energy weapons have almost no effect on her.
  • Supernatural speed (type II): Mira's most powerful ability was her speed. Her upper brain stem is connected to a small device implanted in her skull that, when under the right conditions, can create a field of accelerated time around herself, which allows her to move at a seemingly much faster speed than everything else around her. Using this field she can easily dodge high-velocity bullets. This, combined with her inability to physically die, makes her virtually invincible in any combat situation.


  • EM-1 Rifle: The EM-1 is the standard rifle for special operations soldiers in the High Council. It is an anti-armor, electromagnetic, magazine-fed, flechette coil gun. It has a non-collapsible stock containing an 8-cell micro-fusion reactor and has semi-auto, full auto, and 5 round burst-fire capacity. It has a firing rate of ≈1,000 round/min and a muzzle velocity of ≈3,000 ft/s, making it excellent for piercing heavy armor. The ammunition is uses are 1-inch fin-stabilized tungsten flechettes. The flechettes do little damage against soft targets at close range, but the high firing rate makes up for this disadvantage. The firing mechanism of the gun is completely silent, however, the sonic boom made by the flechettes are quite loud.
  • L-23 Pulsed Laser Pistol: The L-23 is the standard issue sidearm of the U.S High Council. It fires a pulsed infrared laser with a beam energy of 3.8 kJ and an effective range of about 100 m. It is powered by a 4-cell micro-fusion reactor in the grip. It is the third model of the L-20 series of laser pistols, replacing the L-22. It is a backup weapon designed to have heavy stopping power against soft targets at close range, but can penetrate up to 2 cm per shot through steel.
  • HC Combat Knife: The standard High Council combat knife intended for both general-purpose use and in hand-to-hand combat. It is a 9-inch clip point knife and weighs about 1 pound.


  • Her speed can only be activated as a subconscious response to something, not unlike pulling your hand off a hot stove. This means she cannot use it whenever she wants to, but only when she needs to. This mostly limits it to being used in combat situations or when under great stress.
  • If her brain stem or her skull near her brain stem are damaged, the device may become non-functional and deprive her of her speed.
  • Being wounded in combat makes it harder for her to perform efficiently because of her lower pain tolerance, which also makes torture more effective on her than other members of the Division.
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