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“Of all the threats humanity’s faced so far, Pandora are by far the worse. Scavengers are just a bunch of desperate wannabes struggling to survive, Vargr used to be normal people that turned into bloodthirsty monsters against their will, the Sentinels were only programmed to destroy potential threats to the system, animals are just...well...animals, really. And sure, the Sword of Entropy was pretty shitty, but I guess they just wanted to do what they thought was best for Arcanes and the Azuran people, the Church of Apollyon was just a bunch of nutjobs who ALSO thought what they doing was right, despite how *horribly* misguided they were, Raven Eye wanted to take matters and justice into their own hands, and [WIP]. Meanwhile, the Pandora only want to kill everyone who lives, infest any place they can and eat as much Ether as possible. They’re a menace and a world-ending threat, nothing more, nothing less.”-Ray Amaterasu about the Pandora.

”The most intriguing aspect of the Pandora is their sheer abnormality. They are not of Ether, they can function without basic needs such as food, drink and oxygen, and they are composed entirely of Nether and whatever substances that emerge from it, meaning by all counts they should not be alive, but they move and behave as they are. The only logical conclusion is that they are some form of undead: not truly alive nor truly dead.”-Arnold Richtovskey about the Pandora.

The Pandora are a race of Nether-based life-forms that are found throughout the Empyrean System. They seem to have connections to the Precursors, are enemies with the Azurans and Scavengers, and are the primary antagonists in Elysian Knights.


Pandora can take on a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from humanoid monstrosities to animalistic abominations, or perhaps something even more horrific. Their hides are mainly black (sometimes dark grey) with some very dark green in the mix and glowing green eyes. They emit an aura of black particles.

Instead of dark green, Alphas and Omegas are mostly black with dark teal and dark purple respectively.

Angels are very similar to Azuran species in appearance, but with pale skin, visible black veins, black scleras with white pupils that can be a different color depending on the Angel, and wings and a halo over their heads, both made of nether.


The Pandora lack any internal organs present in most living creatures, and can live without needing to eat, drink, sleep, or anything non-Pandora require. They also do not age and have corrosive black blood.

At the center of their chests (or other spots for some species) is a soul-like orb of Nether known as a phylactery. This phylactery all Pandora have allows them to regenerate from virtually anything unless it is destroyed.

Naming Conventions

Each species of Pandora (excluding Alphas, Omegas and Angels) is named after a noun with negative connotations (also includes nouns that have both a neutral AND a negative connotation and synonyms of said noun). Not a verb, adjective or adverb, but a noun. Proper nouns and occupational nouns are excluded, but Alphas, Omegas and Angels can be named after the former. One species of Pandora cannot have multiple names. Each species has their own unique name.


All Pandora share the insatiable hunger for the essence known as Ether, which can be found all over the Empyrean System. They regularly flock to locations with high amounts of Ether to consume it and infest places devoid of any humans. They will also actively hunt down and kill living beings for their souls as they contain Ether.

Powers & Abilities

All Pandora emit an invisible aura that drains the life out of every non-animal organism and destroys microbes and physically weakens non-Pandora humanoids and animals. Their presence also disables electricity, shuts off light sources and exceptionally large numbers of Pandora can cause gravitational distortions and the formation of necromite crystals and nether fissures. They can also poison water with nether on mere contact.

All Pandora also have the ability to absorb nearly limitless amounts of ether and the souls of people they have killed. When they have absorbed a sufficient amount, they will either mutate into a different (and stronger) Pandora species or multiply. When a Pandora has not absorbed any ether for a signifigant amount of time, they will submerge into the ground and fall into a motionless, unconscious, coma-like state and will only wake up if any sources of ether are nearby.

Pandora can also travel to different locations via “breaches”, which are space-time rifts of pure nether which can appear as either cracks or swirling discs. Individual species of Pandora can also have abilities unique to them, such as nether manipulation, fire breath, mind control and more. All Pandora are also incapable of feeling pain.

Pandora can also sense the nearby souls of living beings, and can even “see” them when close enough to a target. They also have the ability to smell fear.

As stated above in the Physiology section, Pandora have corrosive, nether-infused pitch-black blood with highly corrosive properties and the ability to regenerate from anything even so much as one molecule remains. They have phylacteries, souls of nether which can be found within their chests. (In most cases) If the phylactery is destroyed, the Pandora will disintegrate and melt into a puddle of their own blood. Pandora can also be temporarily incapacitated if the phylactery is simply damaged.

One curious thing is that when a Pandora dies, a bellflower will grow from their remains. It is unknown as to how or why this happens.

Types of Pandora

Different species of Pandora are also categorized into different types/classifications.


Spawn-Types are the weakest and most common of the Pandora, often seen on the front lines during Pandora attacks. Most of them follow a pack mentality and are incapable of sentient thought, motivated only by pure instinct. Spawns can take on a wide variety of forms and can have a wide variety of abilities. The 7 most common of the Spawn-Type Pandora are Wrath, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Pride, Lust and Sloth.


Pandora that are significantly stronger and less common than Spawns. Most take on a humanoid shape, (though there are exceptions) and some are even capable of summoning weaponry made of nether. They have some basic levels of intelligence and operate mainly in small groups, but otherwise are still as aggressive as Spawns. The most common Elites are Slaughter, Murder, Execution, Assassination, Voracity, Homicide and Anguish.


Siege-Type Pandora are far bigger and more durable than both Spawns and Elites, and are highly aggressive and destructive. Some species can have special abilities, but most just use their brute strength. Rage are the most common Siege-Types.


Majors act as the commanders of Pandora hordes. They are far more intelligent and powerful than Spawns, Elites and Siege Pandora, and have the ability to communicate telepathically with other members of their species. Majors are rarely seen on the battlefield, and when they do appear are usually accompanied by less-powerful types of Pandora rather than other Majors. Majors are usually named after words such as Cruelty, Villainy, Sin, Vice, Evil, Malevolence, etc.


Goliath-Type Pandora are towering monstrosities, much more enormous in height than even Siege-Types and unable to be controlled by Majors. They are the size of tall buildings or bigger, and some species have even known to take the form of ships and spawn weaker Pandora. Their phylacteries are a massive amalgam of smaller phylacteries, and they are nigh-invincible. Goliaths have only ever been seen in large Blight Zones, Dark Realms and major wars.


Alphas are the supreme commanders of the Pandora species, having a distinct black and blue coloration rather than black and green like normal Pandora. They are capable of commanding even Majors and Goliaths, and have remarkable intelligence surpassing that of even Majors, showing even distinct characteristics and personalities. Unlike all other kinds of Pandora, Alphas are not separated into different species as each one is different than the other, each with their own unique appearance and abilities. Alphas are capable of creating Dark Realms for a base of operations, and can create Pandora from thin air. Unlike Goliaths, Alphas do not appear in Blight Zones and are rarely seen in Dark Realms, only making an appearance in massive wars.

Alphas are named after proper nouns unlike regular Pandora, such as Mjolnir, Abeloth, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Fafnir, etc.


Omegas are the rarest and most atypical of all Pandora. They are black and purple and like Alphas are not divided into different species and are named after proper nouns. They cannot command other Pandora and cannot even communicate with them through any means. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Omegas is that they are fully sentient and not ruled by the instinct to consume all life and ether like all other Pandora. They also have distinct personalities, and even possess the ability to speak.

As stated above, Omega-Type Pandora are EXTREMELY rare in nature, and it is unknown as to how they come to be. Only three Omegas in history have ever been recorded.


The Enigma-Type classification is simply for Pandora that do not fit in any other category, or have not been observed enough for sufficient data to be acquired to place them in another category.


Sometimes this classification is merged with Spawn-Type, sometimes it’s a sub-category of Spawn-Type, other times it‘s its own category. The Vermin-Type classification is for Pandora that are very small and weak but numerous in numbers.


Also known as Angel-Type or Apollyon-Type Pandora, Angels are humans (or some other Azuran humanoid species) who have transformed into an extremely powerful Pandora. Angels not only have the ability to create and manipulate nether & necromite, but also to negate the abilities of Arcanes, create and command lesser Pandora, manifest wings and levitate/fly, (excluding Alphas, Omegas and other Angels) possess incredible psychic powers, along with special powers unique to each Angel. To clarify, each Angel not only possesses the physiology and abilities that all kinds of Pandora share, and the Angel abilities previously mentioned, but also special powers and abilities which are unique to, well, each Angel. Angels also have distinct names such as Azrael, Camael, Hypnos, etc depending on their unique powers, and each Angel also embodies something which negative (or neutral) connotations to it, or something that is in some way, shape or form related to death, such as war, hellfire, greed, disease, sleep, or even death itself.

In order for someone to become an Angel, they must first possess a Dark Mark, a Dark Mark is a kind of special symbol on a person’s back which they are born with. Dark Marks hold the (dormant) power of a specific Angel along with the powers of the Pandora in general. When a bearer of a Dark Mark goes through intense trauma, mental anguish or is experiencing an explosion of negative emotion, the Dark Mark will disappear as the powers they held are absorbed into the Markbearer and become active, transforming them into an Angel. A newly transformed Angel will also automatically become malevolent and succumb to the desire to consume ether and destroy life like all Pandora, however they retain the personalities they possessed in their pre-Pandora lives (albeit they’re now evil) and the ability to speak and think intelligently. Arcanes can also be born with Dark Marks, and when they become Angels they will lose all of their ether-related abilities with the exception of their Soul Arms, which become Demon Arms, summonable weapons made of nether rather than ether. When someone turns into an Angel for the first time, an event known as a Rapture will occur, in which the area they awakened becomes flooded with nether, killing anything and everything in it other than themselves and attracting Pandora in droves.

It is possible for a person to unlock the power of their Dark Mark without transforming into an Angel. When this happens, the Markbearer only possesses an *Angel*’s powers, not the abilities of all Pandora nor their physiology, however their negative emotions will be amplified in this state and will completely take them over. A person with the powers of an Angel but not the physiology of a Pandora is known as a “Waking” Angel, and unless their dark powers are suppressed, their Dark Mark will fully disappear and they will turn into a full, complete Angel with the added shared powers and abilities of all Pandora, an “Awakened” Angel.

It is ALSO possible for an Angel to turn back into an Azuran, but doing so they will lose either some or all of their memories. If an Angel is killed, however, someone else, any random person, will eventually be born with the Dark Mark they used to have, along with the dark powers that come with it. Like Arcanes, only members of Azuran races can be born with Dark Marks, regardless of heritage.

While it was previously stated that people will transform into Angels under intense emotional distress, this is actually rather uncommon, as most of the time people will live out their entire lives as normal people, even while possessing Dark Marks. However, it is still a known occurence and must not be taken lightly.

The Angels and the true nature of Dark Marks have been kept a secret from the world by the Athena Blade to avoid causing mass panic.


When an Angel absorbs enough ether, they will not multiply or mutate. Instead, they will transform into a non-corporeal Pandora of transcendent power with multiple phylacteries. In this form, the Archangels are nigh-unstoppable, but if one manages to destroy all their phylacteries, they will cease to exist and nobody will be born with their Dark Mark. Archangels are capable of commanding all other types of Pandora, including Alphas, Omegas and even Angels, and like Alphas can also create Dark Realms, but in addition can also create Soul Gates and Blight Zones. Instead of summoning Pandora, Archangels can create them from nothing and destroy them at will. Archangels are also capable of manipulating matter and energy on a planetary scale and even down to the atomic level, and their mere presence causes everything around them (except Pandora) to die and decay. They also have incredible control over the forces of life and death, and everything related to those. However, only one Archangel in history has ever been recorded, and they were kept a secret by Athena Blade.

Pandora-Born Humans

When a Pandora absorbs enough ether, they will either multiply or mutate into a different species of Pandora. However, this is not true for Alphas and Omegas. (Or Angels as mentioned above) When they manage to absorb enough souls, they will transform into a human known as a Pandora-Born human. Pandora-Born retain absolutely none of their Pandora powers nor memories of being a Pandora, and they are always Arcanes.

Dark Realms & Blight Zones

Dark Realms are nether-filled dimensions where Pandora reside in. Pandora are capable of traveling to and from Dark Realms via breaches with ease. Because they are so saturated with nether, normal humans cannot survive in them, only Arcanes. At the center of each Dark Realm is a Nursery, where Pandora are born and feed off of the energies of the Dark Realm to grow and mature.

Blight Zones are areas in the Empyrean System that have become infested with Pandora, rendering them inhospitable deadzones. Plants, microbes and even animals cannot survive in Blight Zones, and humans can barely even breathe. When Blight Zones become big enough, an ethereal portal known as a Soul Gate will form in the center, drawing massive amounts of ether straight from the Empyrean to nourish the surrounding Pandora without limit.


Nobody really knows the exact origins of Pandora, IE, how they came into existence. But as long as humanity has been around, even since ancient times, the Pandora have terrorized them.


  • They take inspiration from the Grimm from RWBY, as well as a bit of the Hive from the Destiny franchise.
  • The Angels, however, take heavy inspiration from the Herrschers from Honkai Impact 3.
  • The Pandora went through many revisions and had many different names before eventually becoming the Pandora.
  • They also take inspiration from a scrapped race I had known as the Twisted.
  • The abilities unique to specific Angels are known as Commandments.
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