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We here at The RP Freedom Wiki welcome you to come in and add your ideas and share them with other users. Here you can tell the story of how your character gained his powers and what he uses them for, or you could join in on a roleplaying page and pit your characters against other users characters.

The RP Freedom Wiki is a wiki that can be used to create and share your characters, verses, and stories freely, with no strict rules for what you can or can't make, as long as its fiction and its yours. This wiki is also for roleplaying and story writing; if you are looking to roleplay with custom characters and custom universes or are looking for a place to write your stories, this is the place for you! Please enjoy your stay and do tell your friends. Our goal is for this to become an environment where anyone who is interested can join our community, make friends, share stories and adventures, and help us to grow. If you are new then please take the time to read over some of the characters and worlds that our members have created.

To get started, begin by reading the rules and guidelines of the wiki to know what things we expect of you and allow. When you understand those things, go to the character creation template page to make your first page!

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