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We here at The RP Fun Wiki welcome you to come in and add your ideas and share them with other users. Here you can tell the story of how your character gained his powers and what he uses them for or you could join in on a role playing page and pit your characters against other users characters. We only request that before you add information, such as items, worlds, species, universes, templates, that you add your character first. We are currently working on a clean set of templates by which characters need to be formatted, but until we are able to develop such templates please refer to other pages of the kind you wish to make.

The RP Fun WIkia is a wiki that can be used to create and share your characters, whether they are good, evil, or neutral, as well as anything that might pertain to your character(s). This wiki is also role play and story friendly; if you are looking to role play or are looking for a place to write your stories this is the place for you. Welcome and please enjoy your stay and do tell your friends. The goal is for this to become an environment where anyone who is interested can join our community, make friends, share stories and adventures, and help us to grow. This prospect involves all users who want to be more involved with this wiki. If you are new to Heromania then please take the time to read over some of the characters or different worlds that our members have created. If you feel so inclined make your own.

Is there a story that you want to tell? Just sign in and don't hesitate to make a page - RP Fun Wiki is a creative community, and everybody's welcome to give a hand!

Start with a look at the Character Creation and RP Wikia's Rules.

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