These are the rules created by the founder of the RP fun Wiki. If you have any questions, please talk to User:AmIBread.

The Rules

Welcome to the RP fun Wiki! This is the place to publish your very own fiction or artwork of your original character! All users are invited to proudly show the rest of the community of their own work - after all, you spent all the time and paid the payment comes through the RP fun Wiki. However, like all wikis there are rules and regulations.

Rules and regulations

  1. Because of the nature of Fandom wikis, anyone is allowed to edit a page unless the page is locked. Since users create articles for their own characters, it is against the rules to change or in any way edit the article of another user. If there is simply a formatting or grammar mistake you wish to fix for them, tell them in the comments of the page.
  2. Do not ask to become an admin on the wiki. There is a certain process by which this wiki will choose its admins.
  3. Be civil and polite, and do not try to start or continue conflicts. If you have a problem with someone's behavior, communicate with them respectfully unless they're clearly being obnoxious intentionally. The mods are only there to handle those ones, any other conflict should be worked out peacefully between each other.
  4. Do not create offensive articles, upload disturbing images, insert vulgar language or make racial slurs.
  5. Do not advertise other sites on this wiki (including posting outside links) and do not post spam.
  6. Do not use alternate accounts for any purpose. Alt accounts make sorting who owns pages more confusing, and can be confusing for staff who think that an alt is illegally modifying pages that don't belong to them. We may create guidelines for alt usage in the future, but for now this rule remains strict. If you think a user is using an alt, report it to a mod or admin. If you are permanently unable to access your main account and must use an alt no matter what, consult an admin through Discord.
  7. Do not create or modify any categories directly.
  8. Do not use images of real life people in your pages.
  9. All artwork used for pages that you did not create yourself must be properly credited, including mentioning the artist's name and linking to the source image. Any picture that is not properly credited will be deleted from the page. If using Picrew images, link to the maker used. (Note: Images uploaded before this rule's creation will not be deleted, but must still be credited.)

Page creation guidelines

  • When you create a page, please remember to use the property template to indicate that the page is yours. The property template lets others know who the page belongs to and adds it to your user category so your pages can be easily found. To use the property template, put {{Property|YourUsername}} at the top of your page in the source editor, or find it from the template drop down list in the visual editor.
  • If you create a placeholder article and intend to return to it later to finish it, mark it with the WIP template to let others know it isn't finished. To use the WIP template, simply put {{WIP}} at the top of your page in the source editor, or find it from the template drop down list in the visual editor.
  • Please put minimal effort into your pages. This means using at least some of the character template provided by Character Creation, and using more than one or two sentences for a description. If your character has an appearance, describe it. If they have powers, list them. If you know their personality well, explain it under the respective header. Pages that only use a character info box and nothing else, or only have a few basic sentences will be deleted without warning.


The admins reserve the right to add, remove, or modify rules at any point, and any misbehaving not covered by the rules (E.g. obvious loopholes, semantic technicalities) can be dealt with at the discretion of the mod or admin.

We try to be very lenient regarding rules and punishment. The staff are there to serve the community, not rule it. Most of the time, you won't have to worry about breaking the rules or getting banned unless you're conflicting with people on a regular basis. With that said, have fun and enjoy your time here!

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.