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"Advancing the world, one scientist at a time." -The Benefactors' slogan

The Benefactors are a world-wide benevolent organization with their goal to provide the world with various technological advancements and research. They are the primary foundation featured in Severed Vales.


They help advance various fields such as medicine and technology for commercial use, such as renewable energy.

In addition to advancements in technology, they also provide education as a possible alternative to college and even high school.

There are several branches within the Benefactors: combat, espionage, science/medicine, technology, and logistics.


Their combat training differs wildly from standard military combat training, with many unorthodox styles of fighting.


A branch that not a lot of people know about. The espionage branch specializes in covert ops and infiltration.


One of the more popular branches. The science branch deals in all things science, such as biology, chemistry, psychology, etc.


The most popular branch. The Benefactors are greatly aided due to this branch alone.


This branch of course, focuses on logistics and management of transportation of various goods, services, and employees.


How the Benefactors started out is unknown; very little is revealed on how they formed. One thing is for certain though, they formed on the Fourth of July in 1964.

Through unknown means, they managed to get enough funding to gain all sorts of supplies and employees to keep the organization running. It is currently unknown if any governments have any ties to the Benefactors; they are seemingly a private organization.

In 2014, a substantial scandal had arose within the organization, with false rumors of massive tax evasion and even slave work being defamed against the establishment. The rumors got so severe, the Benefactors were almost shut down for good. Other effects included were massive freezes of the logistics department, which put them at a severe disadvantage. It took them quite a few years to rebuild, and are expected to finish reconstruction by 20XX. 


Most new members undergo a standard initiation in order to prepare them for work. The exact process varies depending on the field; for example, if you were to enter the combat field, you would ascertain powers and weapons, and be taught how to use said powers and weapons effectively. However, if you were to enter the science field, you would be given an entrance exam to gauge how much you know about a particular subject.

Some abilities are granted artificially, while others are given through other means. Abilities like accelerated healing are granted artificially, however abilities such as expertise with a certain weapon are given naturally (i.e. training).

Notable Members


  • Their logo is the Greek symbol for B, known as beta.
  • The date of establishment (July 4) is a reference to how the date is known as America's Independence Day. In a way, it fits with the Benefactors, because they are always striving to keep the world safe.
  • Their name is a direct reference to one of the nicknames for the Combine in the Half-Life universe; there the Combine is referred to as "Our Benefactors" in propaganda.
    • In an ironic twist, the organization is also loosely based on Black Mesa from the same universe.
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