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"Hello, I am the House Inspector. I am here to inspect your house."

The "House Inspector" is an unclassified entity that manifests randomly to certain individuals in their homes and claims to be a professional property surveyor. The entity's purpose and origins are entirely unknown, and its intentions are not well understood, but it has been observed that in all cases of its appearance, the individuals that it contacts are all left dead from mysterious causes. No patterns in its manifestations have been found, and attempts to contact it have failed. It is considered a high-level threat to public safety and must be neutralized at all costs.



The House Inspector resembles a white male of unknown ethnicity around the age of 25. It is 6'1 tall with combed and short wavy black hair and black eyes devoid of distinct pupils. It is always seen wearing a tidy business suit with golden buttons and a blue tie, with black dress shoes.


The House Inspector will always manifest outside a currently occupied home by the front door, and will knock until someone inside opens the door. It will then say, "Hello, I am the House Inspector. I am here to inspect your house," after which point it will enter the home, regardless of the residents' wishes and close the door. Attempts to enter the house after this point have failed, as the house appears to become immune to all damage and completely sealed from the outside.

After a period of approximately 10-15 minutes, the entity will leave the home through the front door and walk behind the nearest blind corner. In all cases, the entity will leave carrying a black briefcase with the letters "TC" printed in a golden stylized font on the side. The contents of this are unknown. Upon entering the house after this event, it will invariably be found that the home owners and any other people within the house are dead from unknown and extremely brutal causes. Common injuries include the total removal of all skin and bones, numerous limbs found entirely sealed within the torso, and the bodies of 3 or more people fused together at random points.


  • Attempts to determine the significance of the briefcase and the letters "TC" are ongoing.
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