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Knowledge is power,” —Valerie.



Valerie has strawberry blonde and big blue eyes. She keeps her hair in a braided updo, tied with a purple ribbon. She wears a white dress with a red coat over it and she wears black pantyhose, brown leather boots and black velvety leather gloves.


She is a feisty and somewhat shy when she meets new people. She is very protective in what or who she cares for and what she was chosen to guard, knowledge. Haven been basically locked up in the very place all that knowledge is located in, she knows nothing of the outside world, despite having all her knowledge, and she is surprisingly naive when it comes to people.

She is a pacifist, but, as mentioned, she will fight for who she cares for.



She can create, shape and manipulate all forms of physical literary objects that are printed, written or drawn (books, comics, magazines, etc.), including their physical forms/materials and anything written, printed, illustrated, or drawn in them.

In extreme cases she may have access even to the media that doesn't truly exist, but is only mentioned in other media or imagined to exist.


Guardians are often those who are of noble birth or a high position of great historical or legendary importance. She has taken/been given responsibility to defend, protect and, if needed, avenge the focus of her protection, which can be an object, place, concept, or person (throne/crown, village/gate/country/planet, love/good/harmony, royal heir/chosen prophet, etc.) among other things.

To do this, she gained enhanced physical and mental capabilities, many additional mystical or magical abilities, and often specific weapons/tools that allow her to perform superhuman or supernatural feat to help her cause.

White Arts

She can utilize the White Arts; a form of magic typically used for helping other people by healing the mind, body or soul. Practitioners of this type of magic tend to focus toward assisting others, purifying evil spirits, dispel curses, medical potions and respect all the rules about what is forbidden and not.


She can remember and recall everything that she have ever experienced, encountered or learned in her lifetime. She needs only to read, hear or see something once and she will never forget it. She continue to learn for the rest of her life and her brain will simply compress neural synapses to contain it all, allowing memory of every event, experience or bit of knowledge from birth to the present. Her mind is also entirely immune to Memory Manipulation, unless the ability is first negated or stolen.

Many users who are said to only possess Enhanced Memory actually possess Panmnesia, and many who are said to possess Panmnesia only possess Enhanced Memory (the two are often confused).


She has an encyclopedic knowledge of all written, scribbled, typed or otherwise recorded material in existence, including computers and the internet (possibly including visual forms of material/media as well), so as humanity's knowledge grows, so does the hers. She have access to knowledge written down thousands of years ago and in a different languages simply by her connection to the written and typed word, including the ability to understand idioms, symbolic words and phrases.


  • She was inspired by Wan Shi Tong from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Historia Reiss from Attack on Titan.
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